Black British Businesses

2 Title: How They Started: Inspirational Journeys of 33 Black British Businesses

Audience: 14 to 40 year old males and females

Synopsis: Collection of short real-life stories of people of colour (black) – who have started a business in the UK. How they did it, why they did it, and advice out there for anyone else who wants to follow in their footsteps.

To participate: If you have an experience which you’d like to share – fill out the short questionnaire: . Criteria, is that you have a minimum of 5 years ‘experience’ in business; As long as you identify (self-select) yourself as a person of ‘colour’ (melanoid) – you’ll be considered for inclusion. We’re not looking to feature sports stars or anyone in music or entertainment. You will need to include a photo – preferably of you in your business premises.

Inspired by: John Barnes who said he can’t get a managerial job because he’s black. In this book we aim to inspire people (of colour) to create a job, instead. An alternative. Read why John Barnes says he can’t get a job here.

Deadline for submission: 28th February 2018

Please click here to download: 33 bb questionnaire_0218

Expected date of release: May 2018