5 Title: Close Encounters with Spirit Entities

Audience: Those who read the genre: spirituality

Synopsis: Collection of short real-life stories of people who have had an encounter / experience with ghosts, demons, entities – through ouija boards, contact or spirit possession or whatever method.

To participate: If you have an experience which you’d like to share – fill out the short questionnaire Spirit contact questionnaire_0818 Stories will be anonymous. You don’t have to use your real name.

Inspired by the numbers of people who have had spirit contact and the numbers who believe that we’re in spiritual warfare or who believe that demon activity is at an all-time high, that its about time it was spoken about. Some believe that there is an agenda to recruit children into this – hence Harry Potter and merchandise to accompany the theme – such as the new pink ouija board aimed at 8 year old girls.

Deadline for submission: 15th August 2018

Expected date of release: 1st  Oct 2018

Spirit contact questionnaire_0818