French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese

Are you a self-published author who wants to turn their book into another language? If you send us a brief (100 word) synopsis of what your book is about, state how many WORDS the book has, and which LANGUAGE you want to translate TO, we can email you a quote.

Our translation partners are native speakers who have an understanding of the nuances of the written and spoken language that is their mother-tongue, and the language that they’re translating into.

We’d need a hardcopy of the book, and a word document for us to edit. We’d return the word file back to you and you can then take this and use it. We’d also translate the front cover and the back cover.

If you wanted your foreign-language edition to be published by us (Booglez), there’d be no extra charge for this. We would keep 10% of the royalties generated and remit the remainder across to you quarterly.

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If you wanted your non-english language book edition turned into an audiobook, we can arrange this for you. We currently have voiceover artists whose native language is: Spanish, French, Italian – but our list is growing daily.